Closing Ceremony
22011 European School Chess Championship's closing ceremony was held in Kemer – Antalya on 18th of October. The President of Kemer Municipality Mr. Mustafa Gül, officials, players and guests attended the closing ceremony.  It started with Turkish national anthem and ECU anthem. The board member of Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ahmet Arda Kılıç delivered his speech before awarding ceremony. He also presented the appreciation plaquette to the chief arbiter Mr. Unal for the memory of the championship. Turkey became the first one among countries which took part in the event – Turkish players won the biggest amount of medals although Turkish National Anthem rang out for the second time. Azerbaijan placed second, while Russia is on the third place. Please check our report about awarding ceremony below.
Day 7 Round 9
09The decisive round of the European Chess School Championship started at 10 o’clock in the morning and finished about 3.15 p.m. Organizers presented to all players special certificates, which prove their participation in European School Chess Championship 2011.  Melek Ismayil lost today the only game in the tournament but remained on the first place in U-7 age group among girls. The decisive game between twin sisters finished with drawish result and the standings remained the same – Irina Baraeva is on the first place while Marina Baraeva placed second half a point behind of Irina. Both Turkish players Cemil Can Ali Marandi and Sanal Vahap won their games today and share the first place in U-13 category. Other results you can check in the final standing on the official webpage.
Day 6 Round 8
13In the most of the tournaments the eighth round started at 4.30 p.m. but girls from U-13 age group had to play one more extra game in the morning. One round to go the tension became very high and the last round will decide the winners in age groups. There are some exceptions and some players occupied the first places before the last round. Among them there is a player from Azerbaijan Melek Ismayil, who won all 8 games and fixed her victory in U-7 age group among girls. Turkish player Ayca Aksoy also won the tournament among girls U-11 before the last round. The last game will start tomorrow 18th of October at 10 a.m. and the closing ceremony will be at 5 p.m. Please follow our report below.
N.EZGİ MENZİ Became 1st Among 1,097,503!
IMG_5727Ezgi Menzi plays in U-13 age group among girls here and after seventh rounds she shares the third place (4 points in 7 games). She became famous as a Turkish 13-years-old chess talent and successful student at Mersin TED High School. This year she got the highest score in Turkish National Scolastic Test (called as SBS). It is obligatory test which should be passed by students after finishing the 7th grade. Ezgi Menzi was among the best students who scored the absolute result (500 out of 500). This year 1,097,503 students have participated in this exam and 503 of them succeeded to make a full score.  Ezgi Menzi became first due to the new Turkish Law which allows the medallists of the European or World events receive 10 extra points. Such a great success shows that doing well chess player can be successful in education and opposite is also possible. Many doors of different colleges are opened to Ezgi Menzi and she can still combine her studies with favourite hobby.

Day 5 Round 7
06On 16 of October there was double round, although the seventh round started at 4.30 p.m. and finished about 10 p.m. Among important games we can name few of them in different age groups. In U-13 age category two best rated Turkish players Vahap Sanal and Cemil Can Ali Marandi met over the board. After the long struggle the game drawn and as a result both of them continue leading. Only two games remained till the end of the European School Chess Championship and the last rounds suppose to be the decisive ones. Please check our report below:
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