Day 6 Round 8
13In the most of the tournaments the eighth round started at 4.30 p.m. but girls from U-13 age group had to play one more extra game in the morning. One round to go the tension became very high and the last round will decide the winners in age groups. There are some exceptions and some players occupied the first places before the last round. Among them there is a player from Azerbaijan Melek Ismayil, who won all 8 games and fixed her victory in U-7 age group among girls. Turkish player Ayca Aksoy also won the tournament among girls U-11 before the last round. The last game will start tomorrow 18th of October at 10 a.m. and the closing ceremony will be at 5 p.m. Please follow our report below.

All arbiters of the European Chess School Championship
Girls from U-13 age group play their 10th round in the empty hall.
The youngest participants of the championship Victoria Gnilorybova from Russia and Oliver Lendvai from Hungary.
Sude Hereklioglu from Turkey won the game in the 8th round and leads in her age group among girls U-9
Ayca Aksoy won her age group among girls U-11 before the last round. She has 7 points and nobody can reach her tomorrow.
Marina Baraeva is half a point behind of her twin sister Irina Baraeva. In the last round they will play against each other and this game will decide the winner of the tournament among girls U-17.
Melek Ismayil played against Serife Ecenaz Oren and won her eighth game.
Kirill Kozionov from Russia is one of the leaders of  the tournament. He is also current champion of World School Chess Championship in U-13 age group.
Turkish player Emirhan Tarlabasi is one of the leaders in U-9 age group.
Alikhan Yaganov has some inscriptions on his hands
It’s written in Russian “think”, “don’t be fast”. Little player followed the instruction and finished his game one of the last ones.
Congratulations on victory.
Report & Photos By Karlovich Anastasiya
Turkish Chess Federation © 2011